Saturday, July 24, 2010

About the Blogger...

So, hey, this is me! I'm Cait. I've never really been good at these things where you talk about yourself, so I apologize for the awkwardness that is about to commence.

I am originally from East Freetown, MA. I moved in April 2009 to beautiful Kahuku, HI. I actually do enjoy long walks on the beach, no joke. I usually enjoy taking these long walks on the beach with my husband, Jonathan and our two precious dogs, Lei Lei and Savannah. Jon and I have been together since 2004 and got married in October 2012.

I didn't actually start cooking until around 2007. I've had many catastrophes in the kitchen, a couple small fires, more than a couple inedible dishes and plenty of ego bruises. My mission with this blog is to help anyone who thinks they can't cook, gain confidence to try to cook. My recipes are usually simple, and usually my own creation. Occasionally, I'll throw a recipe at you from my favorite cooks, mainly Rachael Ray and Paula Deen.

If you're looking for fancy food photography, you're in the wrong spot. I use a cell phone camera to capture everything from food to sunsets. Maybe someday I'll be cool enough to own a DSLR, and a set of acceptable dishes for food photography but for now I keep it simple.

I hope this gave you a little insight to who the "writer" is. Feel free to email me any questions, Thank you for reading!

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