Friday, September 10, 2010


Hey Everyone!

So this blog is NOT going to be dedicated to cooking, its going to be dedicated to the very beautiful Janine Wu and her growing family. Janine is going to be blessed soon with THREE boys! So exciting. To try and help out, we are hosting a huge car wash and bake sale in her honor.

Date: Saturday 9/25
Time: 10am-3pm
Place: Sunset Beach Christian Church

We need items for the bake sale and many carwashers! We thought we would have two shifts. 10am-12:30pm & 12:30pm-3pm...Bring buckets and towels and open your hearts & your pocketbooks...

If you are working and can't help we are accepting donations. Please make your checks out to Janine Wu & send donations to:
Bonnie Howland
57-101 Kuilima Dr. 23W
Kahuku, Hi. 96731

As I mentioned, we're also having a bake sale. I would be happy to bring any baked goods to you for donations to the cause, or if you'd like to create some dishes, I'd be happy to come pick them up prior to the 25th. I can bake pretty much anything, so I will accept all reasonable requests. :D

If you need any more information, don't hesitate to email me at

PLEASE spread the word to your friends and family, even those on the mainland that may want to mail in a donation. Janine is a wonderful person and truly will do anything and everything to make a happy and healthy life for these little boys. Let's all take a little time to help her do so!

Love you all <3xoxo

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