Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seven Years

So, yesterday was Jon and I's SEVEN year anniversary. I remember being in highschool and when someone made it to six months everyone was in total shock. I couldn't blog about this milestone because we were on airplanes all day yesterday (that will be my next post). I don't think I ever told the story of Jon and I so this seems like a good time because it's a funny story to me.

So, Jon moved to my hometown when he was in middle school. He was a grade younger than me but we had a lot of the same friends because everyone knew everyone in East Freetown, Massachusetts. The first encounter I had with Jon was at a friend's birthday party when we were around 16. I had to work right after the party, but wanted to stop by to wish her a happy birthday. After spending a little while there, I went to leave and there was a junky old Camaro parked right behind my car. I asked around and it turns out this Camaro belonged to Jon. I walked in and asked him nicely to move his car. He was having a good old time with his friends and said he'd get to it in a minute. So, trying to be patient, I waited ten minutes or so before marching back over to remind him to move it. He was more than irritated with me and told me to hang on, he'd get to it. Finally, after another ten minutes, I cussed him out telling him I needed to get to work and to move his damn junker. He moved it and I went to work.

Over the next couple of years, I would see him hanging out with some of our mutual friends but didn't even pay attention to his existence. Fast forward to the beginning of October 2004. I was working at Subway with a bunch of people who went to high school with Jon. At this point, I had already graduated but Jon was a grade behind me. I really wanted to go to homecoming to hang out with all of them so they suggested I go ask one of the guys in the parking lot to take me. My good friend was picking me up after work to go to a theme party at UMass Dartmouth. I got changed into a cowgirl outfit with an obnoxious pink hat. I know that's super unnecessary to mention, but it's details I'll never forget. I marched out to Jon as he was the only one I even recognized from the group and told him he was taking me to his homecoming. He looked totally stunned and just said "uhh, okay" and I left. Over the next week, he stopped by Subway a few more times than usual because I think I totally confused him. He asked me super cute "So, should I, uh, take you on a date or something before we go to homecoming?". I said sure why not. Meanwhile, I'm dating like three other guys. My friends were joking with me about how I was going to choose which one would be "the one". I told them whoever took me to Isaac's in Plymouth, MA for a date would be the winner. I thought this was so funny because I figured none of these guys would ever know about a classy place like Isaac's. Want to guess where Jon took me on our first date?

At the homecoming that brought us together.
 Now, here we are seven years later and we are engaged. We've set the date as October 6, 2012. We have been through our ups and downs and we bicker like an old married couple. In the end, he is my best friend in the entire world and I can't imagine my life without him. I think we have both made each other better versions of ourselves. I hope to spend many, many more years together! Here are some of my favorite pictures with him.

2005- Before his senior prom

2007- Visiting my parents in Hawaii

2008- at my 22nd birthday party he organized
2010- Valentine's Day

2009- My 23rd birthday

2011- celebrating 7 years where he took me on our first date <3

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