Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 28 - what's in my handbag/purse

The question should probably what's NOT in my purse...

My purse is a hot mess on any given day. The frequent mile members of my purse are as follows:

-Deodorant... I really don't like to smell.
-Mints... I also don't like bad breath
-Wallet, which contains
      - No cash, ever! I get points on my Debit Card
      - My Driver's License
      -Social Security Card
      -2 or 3 credit cards. I'm not too big into those things
      -Stamps, old school status right there.
      -Rewards Cards
      -Random receipts
-Travel iPod Speakers, perfect for the beach or work when I'm sick of the radio
-Planner, I would die without this
-iPod Touch, I don't have an iPhone, so this is the closest I'm getting to amazing.
-Lipstick, which never gets used
-Kleenex, Jon sneezes... ALL THE TIME!
-Mini spiral notebook, I write random recipe ideas down all the time
-Approximately 8,657,123 pens

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