Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 26 - your week, in great detail

This is going to be hard because sometimes my memory doesn't quite like me. So I'm going to attempt to recap last week.

Sunday 10/31
Happy Halloween! Definitely one of my most favoritest holidays! I was born early October so I love everything and anything fall. As beautiful as New England falls are, I hate the winters that follow. So, living in Hawaii, I just light some apple scented candles and call it fall. I've only ever heard the stories of what Halloween is like in Waikiki and this year I decided to get in on the action. First, I had to work 8:30-4:30. Then, I ran home, got changed, and had my mom cut and sew my costume to a shorter length. Good thing she lives within walking distance.
My friends and I decided to go with a group theme of Disney Princesses. We took lots of pictures with other random Disney characters and other crazy people we found. Funny story is that the picture of the double Jasmin and Aladdins is apparantely a friend of my younger sister's. I didn't know that until I posted the picture on my facebook and my sister commented. Small world. Enjoy the pictures :)

Monday 11/1
So this was the day after Halloween and I was scheduled to work at 5:30am. Level 8 fail. I stayed in Waikiki until around 12:30 am, so we didn't get home until around 2am. Luckily my manager texted to say she wanted us all to come in at 7am instead. It was still early just not "it's still dark out" early. We had a floor set to do and ended up not getting out until 5:30pm. Due to sleep deprivation, I was semi crazy and full on obnoxious. I kept yelling out "aww yeah the cab's are heaaaa". I got home around 7pm and Jon cooked me dinner and let me catch up on my DVR. Love him!

Tuesday 11/2
View in Manoa :)
Election Day! My mom hooked me up with a job working on the Colleen Hanabusa campaign from 10-6 on Election Day. I headed into town and had to walk door-to-door in Manoa and Kalihi. Kalihi was small kine scary, they had some big doggies at those houses! I did get Starbucks in the morning because I was still exhausted from my 10 hour shift the day before. We got Boston's Pizza for lunch, which was the first decent pizza I've had since living in Hawaii. Hanabusa ended up winning. I got a $20 gas card and a $90 paycheck, so win for me too!

Wednesday 11/3
Back to work at Things Remembered from 11 to 7. Nothing exciting there. I drove home, picked up Jon and we headed back up to town to go to Dave and Busters with some people from my old job at Best Buy.

Thursday 11/4
Work again. I went to Walmart to buy groceries because they are sooo much cheaper there than at Foodland. I also bought SATC2. YESSSS!!!

Friday 11/5
A day off! This day I decided to cook up a new recipe of Chili with Oven Baked Garlic Parmesan Fries. I did this while watching Grey's Anatomy and Master Chef on Fancast. I also made my Apple Crumbler because I was going to a friend's house for dinner the next night and I was bringing beer and dessert.

Saturday 11/6

Their cool crooked glasses!

Work 10-6. Afterwards, Jon picked me up and we went to Target to get beer for the dinner. We somehow managed to spend $81. I swear I do that everytime I go into Target. After that, we went to my new friend Angelina and her husband Jeremy's house. She made some delicious enchiladas. Soooo delicious. Maybe I can get her to give me the recipe to share with you guys? They have a really adorable tea cup Chihuahua named Lola and a cute black and white cat named Riley. They are so cute! She also decorated her condo exactly how I wish I could decorate mine. I am sooo going to Pier 1 and Ross to buy some stuff. It still looks like Jon and I just moved in.

Anyways, that was my average week. I am so thankful for the friends I have made living here in Hawaii. Hope you guys enjoyed reading! Only a few days left of this blog challenge. Then, it'll be back to mostly recipes. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing? xoxo

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