Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 6- 20 Favorite Things

This one is going to be fun! It kind of reminds me of those chain emails you'd get in 7th grade or the myspace surveys.

1. My family & friends


2. My doggies,
<--- Savannah
Lei Lei --->

3. Beethoven- the stuffed animal I got on my 6th birthday. Lei Lei chewed off his nose :< LOL

4. Candles- especially Yankee Candles
5. DVR
6. Food Network/Cooking Channel
7. Anything Disney related
8. iTunes
9. iheartradio app
10. Facebook
11. My kitchenaid mixer
12. Maui Babe Browning Lotion (even though it smells like Shoyu haha)
13. Pandora charm bracelets
14. 24 Hour Fitness (especially ZUMBA!!!)
15. My laptop- Sony Vaio
16. Snuggie
17. Martinis (esp. ones made by Allie at 21 degrees North at Turtle Bay :D)
18. Sims 3
19. The store Executive Chef
20. Shoes

That took me forever! LOL I did have tons of fun looking for good pictures to post of my family and friends. Now onto the rest of my day :)

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