Thursday, October 21, 2010


Ok so I don't usually just give a random update on my day but today I just had to.

First thing, I woke up at 4am and was completely unable to go back to sleep. I tried for like an hour with no luck so then I took the opportunity to watch CSI. Obviously you're not gonna get much sleep after you watch a murder investigation.

Next I went to 24 hour fitness in Mililani with Jon. I was supposed to leave the house at 730, we didn't leave till 750 and still got there on time for my 830 class. Success.

Wednesdays at 830am is Camp24 with Tina. Tina is this body builder who does a mix of 1987 aerobics, p90x, insanity, military scare tactics and pure torture. All with a great sense of humor. Sounds awesome right? It kinda is! You want to die during but afterwards you feel like you accomplished something. So that lasted an hour. By this time, my bodybugg (calorie counter) already read 1000 calories burned for the day!

KTom, Me & Nalani
I usually take the class with Nalani or KTom but today was the first day we were all together taking the class. After the class, we were those people we hated and stood on the gym floor socializing. Also, Jon was there and then randomly Kerry was there even though he should've already been on his way to school.

Tonight we're going to Haunted Lagoon, so we were asking Nalani for advise on how early to get there. Also, KTom mentioned she was going to the movies. She decided instead of spending $156 dollars on a hot dog and a soda at the movies she'd stop at Costco for their $1.50 hot dog deal. I know you guys don't care about that, but it was funny at the time. She also discussed bringing her Costco soda cup in and being all nonchalant and refilling the cup at the movies. She then made a gesture with her hands when talking about the movies. See picture on right. Amazing. We said goodbye and Jon and I trotted off to our next adventure. Yes, we trotted.. We do that.

Next stop was Pearlridge Shopping Center. Let me just explain this mall to you guys that aren't in Hawaii to experience it. It is ridiculous. It has two sides, uptown and downtown. I never remember which is which so I just ask people "is that on the macys or sears side?". Uptown and downtown are completely separate parking structures and you can't walk from uptown to downtown indoors. You either walk outside, get your car and attempt to find more parking on the other side or you take a monorail. That's right, a monorail. Its 50 cents for "skycab" one way to the other side. I'm sorry, did I end up in Disney World on accident trying to get to Forever 21? No, okay then.

So we get to Pearlridge and park near the Borders on the upper level. Why are we at Pearlridge with its crazy ways you ask? We need to get Hawaii licenses. Well, we don't need to. Its just when you have a Hawaii license people don't look at you like unwanted freaks and you get discounts where all the cool kids go. So we head to city hall. Yes, city hall is inside the mall. You can also purchase a $5 copy of the driver's manual to crash study for the written test at Borders. Jon and I park our asses on a bench with our manual and quiz each other. Awesome.

We head in and are sooo psyched there isn't a line. Our happiness immediately turns to sadness when we see all the signs saying "NO out of state transfers". Again with the unwanted freak complex. It instructs us to head to Wahiawa. Ok, so we head to Wahiawa.

On the way to Wahiawa, we stop at Waikele to grab my Halloween costume, Snow White. While waiting in line there was this cute little girl asking her mom if she could buy a certain costume. Her mom's answer was "no, you're too &%$&ing fat! I'll get it for your little sister because she isn't fat like you!" Oh my GOSH! Lady are you serious?!! And this was not a skinny woman by any means. She was a good size. Don't take your insecurities out on your innocent little girl. I could go on for hours about how disgusted I was but I'll just move on with my day.. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...

We get to Wahiawa and there's only a small line of about 10 people. I take the time to send my friend Casey a "I'm so happy for you" message on FB while I make Jon wait in line. We get to the head of the line and this guys comes up to me and goes "are you here for the written test??" I say "yes" and he goes "oh ok well I just have a question" and runs up to the lady at the counter. The next woman calls me over then Jon gets called next. The lady helping me asks the guy basically where the eff did you come from? And he says he was behind me. She's like "that doesn't make any sense, you came to the counter before her". He gets all red and she tells him to get back in line. He proceeds to argue with her and she continues to cuss him out. Took care of any nerves I had about the test because I was laughing out loud.

Mostly everyone I know from out of state has failed this written test at least once. Jon and I were super nervous because we just wanted to get it over with and not have to go through this again. Its about 30 multiple choice questions, and you can only get 6 wrong. Not too bad.

Jon finishes first, he only gets 3 wrong. I second guess myself on two of my answers so I switch them before turning in the test. I get 5 wrong, 2 of which are the ones I just switched. Jon proceeds to rub it in my face that he did better than me. Thanks for that Jon. :)

Then, they call us up to take our picture and verify our info. Jon takes his picture and bada bing bada boom, he's all set. Official kama'aina! They call me up and I'm all fixing my hair, practicing my smile.. The computer makes a sound. Like a "no way, we're not allowing her to drive here". Turns out because the lady was so distracted by the fancy man who cut in line that she entered my birthday as the expiration date. Awesome.

So I wait a little longer, then she calls me up for reals. I'd just like to mention that I was rockin purple for my license picture since today was Spirit Day and all. I take the picture, it comes out decent. K shoots see ya later.

Bye Bye Boston!

Aloha Hawaii!

We get outside and I notice mine expires in 2015, which is 5 years away, not the 4 years its supposed to be. So haha DMV, I got an extra year out of you! Jon was pissed that his was right, it expires 2014. I'd say that was karma for rubbing his score in my face.

Next I get in the car and my current song obsession
Far East Movement- Like A G6 is playing. Success.

Then we realize we forgot to pick up the cake from Costco. (This cake will be explained in tomorrow's blog) So, we had to drive up to Waipio before heading home. Fail.

Here's a map of Oahu so you can see my driving around from today. :)

During our drive home Jon asked me if I was going to look up how to create my own stuff for the cake tomorrow and I answered with "Of course I am! I'm a googleaphobic!!" Then, I realized as soon as I said it that it wasn't what I wanted to say. Then I yelled out "googleaddicted". Nah, still not what I was looking for. "GOOGLEAHOLIC!" Success.

The last and most exciting part of our day was waiting for Kerry and KTom to head down to our condo at Turtle Bay. We were all going to ride together to The Haunted Lagoon at Polynesian Cultural Center. They got here, we talked story and then headed down the street to Laie. The parking was $5, tickets were $15 and snacks in line were only $1 a piece. Incredibly reasonable. There was a huge line because Halloween is so close by. The wait was about an hour and a half. It was so worth it. It was the perfect combination of scary and funny. The creepiest part was there were little kids sitting behind me that kept grabbing onto my back and I kept thinking they were part of the ride, haha.

Well, kids, that was my day! If you survived reading that, you deserve a gold star. Now I'm going to head to bed and watch some DVR. Enjoy the pictures!

Why Can't I See You?

I Can See You!


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